My first experience with Thibault’s work was when I first discovered his Devblast website.

I had attempted to learn Ruby on Rails before; however, due to the usual excuses people make for themselves (too busy with work, this episode of Game of Thrones is too good to miss, etc.), I never really got started.

This is something I now regret, as by getting to know Thibault, I got to know how elegant and useful Rails could be compared to other solutions.

On this website, he mentioned that he worked at a games company based out of Bangkok; And, as I am also based in Bangkok and was looking for a job at the time, I decided to check it out.

From this small beginning, I learned a lot about Thibault, I learned of his passion for Rails, his dedication to the art (and Thibault doesn’t write code, he creates art) and this real driving passion to pass this knowledge on to the rest of the world.

I have met and befriended a lot of IT professionals during my 10 years in the industry, and I can honestly say that very few have the passion and drive to work a full time job, then come home and work on their website and books. This is how dedicated Thibault is, and I’m convinced he is not even aware of how unlike most people he is…

I decided to apply to that games company, and eventually, due, in large part I suspect, to good timing (or ‘fate’ if you will), I got the job and he ended up being my manager.

This is how I got to meet and become friends with Thibault, and to know him as a person, and not just as a talented technical writer and master of Ruby.

He is friendly, patient, and kind - traits that I believe can be felt through his writing and prose. I learned more about Ruby on Rails within 6 months of knowing Thibault than I had in the 5 years previously, purely from his eagerness to spread his knowledge to others.

This book is all about building web APIs using Ruby. I have authored a number of API solutions for companies big and small in my career. However, I never had a resource as thorough or helpful as this, and I urge anyone looking into building a web API, or even just looking at starting to work with Ruby on Rails, to read Thibault’s books, and visit his website.

If you do, I am confident you will find an invaluable resource to help you refine your craft and move to the next level of prowess.

Peter Griffin